The Future of Mirage? Mitsubishi Choose Sure One


The Future of Mirage? Mitsubishi Choose Definite Aja - JPNN.COM, JAKARTA – Emphasis on its leading product Mitsubishi Xpander, PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI) said that they will no longer import Mirage of urban cars from Thailand to Indonesia.

This was directly told by the Director of Sales and Marketing MMKSI Michimas Kono in a light conversation on the verge of opening a new passenger car dealer in Proboling.

Kono thinks that there are several reasons why they intend to import Mitsubishi Mirage this year, but one of them is that the 1.3-liter absorption of a city car is no longer important.

"Sales actually went down, as competition and the market (urban car segment) are also not good. Then there was a shift in our young consumers, this affects the cost of Mirage, which is approaching Xpander, which makes them switch" He added the horse to JPNN ahead of time.

Are you planning to bring the new generation of Mirage? Kono said that the MMKSI was still thinking. Of course, he continued, Mitsubishi is currently focusing on Xpander marketing.

On this occasion, the Director of Sales and Marketing MMKSI Irwan Kuncoro supplements that Mitsubishija's current focus is the development of SUVs, electric cars and systems. (mg8 / jpnn)


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