The body at the Cipanas Hotel turned out to be a female south Kalimantan, ended up with its TTM – Kalamanthan


KALAMANTHANA, Garut – The woman's body was found in one of the hotels in Cipanas, Garut Regency. Obviously, the woman Isnawati (40), a housewife from South Kalimantan.

The victim's identity is known to district offices of the Garut district office in the county district after the crime scene was committed. At the end of the crime, the police protected the properties of victims, including a flight ticket for Lion Air from South Kalimantan to Jakarta.

"Initially, the victim was not identified, but there is an airline card, and then we developed it until it finally revealed who the victims were and the perpetrators," said Garut AKBP Chief of Police Budi Satria Wiguna in Garut, Srnin (November 19, 2018).

A victim based on the identity of the airfare was known as Isnawati, a 40-year-old housewife from South Kalimantan. While he was a suspect in the murder of Yoga (29), a builder from Pakenigga, Garut Regency.

"This suspect is a girl victim who was known to Facebook before Facebook, and then they met and then took them to a hotel in Cipana," Budi added.

Police are then hunting a suspect. Jogo was finally arrested in his home in Pakenjengu, Garut, on Sunday (18/11).

As a result of his actions, the suspect seized articles 338 and 362 of theft and put an end to the lives of others with the greatest threat of 15 years in prison. (ik)


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