Starman and Tesla's Space Game Car have crossed the planet Mars


RAKYATKU.COM – Puppet Starman, dressed in astronaut costume and driving an electric car on Tesla Roadster, has gone far in the past nine months. It's known that the Mars plan has passed.

The rocket manufacturer, SpaceX, is a party that has announced Starman and Roadster. SpaceX transmits this object, which passed Mars on orbit on Saturday (11/11/2018).

Starman is designed for the Tesla Roadster driver. This car has many cameras and sensors. The essence is to monitor the state of the car and its long journey into space.

Electricity is taken from the solar collectors available on Roadster. When Starman and Tesla Roadster started last February, this car was repeatedly informed to play Bowie's "Space Oddity".

Starman and Tesla Roadster were loaded onto the first Space Falcon Heavy space missile mission in February 2018. It is now circulating in the solar system of the Milky Way.

Starman and Roadster trips can be followed at, a website created by Ben Pearson, founder of Old Ham Media.

According to a study of space orbit modeling, study authors predict that Starman and Roadster will achieve several hundred thousand kilometers of Earth in 2091.

Starman is likely to be near Venus or the Earth in the next few ten million years.

It is likely that in the next million years, Earth will reach 6 percent for Starman and Roadster, 2.5 percent is likely to come to Venus. That's what said.


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