PSMS v Madura United Match report, 11/17/18, League 1


Results of the match: PSMS Medan 3-3 Madura United

In the second round, PSMS managed to equalize with three goals from Madura United from the last round.

PSMS Medan had to fight for only one point at home on the 31st week of the league 1 2018. This was after the morning (11/17) in the evening that led 3-3 to Madura United in the stadium of the exemplary Medan stadium.

First round

PSMS is trying to take the initiative to attack. Madura United's players also appeared in possession of the ball.

Madura United managed to get the most from the ball but could not reach the score after 31 minutes. Munhar, who managed to score, welcomed Zah Rahan Krangar cross.

The winners of one hit, players Madura United are impressed. Instead, PSMS has difficulty developing your game.

The visiting Asep Berlian was booed thoroughly by the home crowd 36 minutes into the game. PSMS players are increasingly depressed.

Indeed, Engelberd Sani managed to add another one for Maduro United in the last minute of the first half. Score 3-0, finish of the first round.

The other half

For three goals, PSMS immediately hit. Indeed, Frets Listanto Butuan could have scored the goal 47 minutes into the game. 3-1.

There is no doubt that these goals have been increasingly encouraged by the spirit of PSMS players. Pressure pressure continues with Peter Butler's team.

The chance to get another team from Ayam Kinantan, through Felipe Martins. However, the ball went just over the bar.

By the end, Antoni Putro Nugroho managed to reduce to 3: 2 in the 54th minute with a shot in the penalty area, which he could not foresee with the shot of Madure United Satria Tama.

Madura United has trouble developing the game. The home team's supporters got under a charge 60 minutes into the match. Felipe Martins was the one who managed to penetrate the goal of Laskar Sape Kerrab, with a silver shot that he greeted Butet's Frets pass. Score 3-3, making the game more tight.

Purchase and sale of attacks takes place between both teams. Some golden opportunities were redeemed by Madura United through Zah Rahan. But no additional targets were created by the second half of the year.

Arranging players

PSMS Medan

Coach: Peter Butler

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Madura United

Coach: Gomes de Oliveira

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