Police check the psychiatry of one family killer in Bekasi


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Police investigators in Jakarta will check the psychiatrist Haris Simamore (23), the perpetrator the murder of one family in Bekasi to know his condition.

"We will conduct a (psychological review)," said Metro Jaya Police Public Affairs Public Relations Officer, Argo Yuwono Police Commissioner, as Antara said in Jakarta on Sunday.

Until now, Metro Jaya police officers did not find any obstacles during the investigation of suspects, as the perpetrators answered questions from the investigator.

Regional police investigator Metro Jaya also confirmed that Haris consciously and without any influence of drugs killed four family members Dikum Nainggolan.

Police check the psychiatry of one family killer in BekasiThe police sank the river to find a tractor used by the killer of one family in Bekasi. (CNN Indonesia / Hestia Rica)

It is known that one family, consisting of husband and wife, died as a result of the murder: Nainggolan, Maya Boru Ambarita and two children, Sarah Bor Nainggolan and Arya Nainggolan, died.

The victims were lying in his home at Jalan Bojong Nangki, RT 2 RW 7 Pondok Melati, Bekasi, West Java, on Tuesday (11/13) in the morning.

On the basis of the investigation, the police arrested relatives of the victims of Haris Simamore, who was the suspect of the perpetrator of the crime when he ran away on Wednesday (11/14) at the foot of Mount Guntur Garut in western Java.

With the perpetrators, they have sacrificed family life for their revenge and pain because the victim often complained and ruined it. (gil)


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