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Not only gout, there are 10 advantages of Cat hair for health

[ad_1] – Plants cat whiskers has many benefits to relieve some diseases. Cat mustaches are often used as a medicine for the urinary tract to relieve it cough.

Cat cats with the Latin name (Orthosiphon Aristatus) include plants from the Lamiaceae family. In Indonesia, this plant is known as natural medicine and has countless health benefits for beauty.

The content of hairy lashes includes a high content of potassium, glycosides, orthosiponones, which are suitable for reducing the level of uric acid, phosphate and oxalate in the body.

There are two ways to treat your feline mustaches. First cook 4-5 leaves with a glass of water and boil until boiling. Water for cooking leaves of cat hair can be taken 3 times a day.

Another method of treating hairy musts is to mix 50 grams of cats with 150 ml of water and filter water. Pour the glass and drink it with a mixture of honey.

Both methods can be used to treat gonaddine gout.

Listed from the detikHealth website, which was evaluated from various sources, from Jakarta, quoted on Sunday (July 14, 2019), not only gout, here are some of the benefits of a cat's bug on health for beauty:

1. Treatment of urinary tract infection

Cat musts are useful for cleaning tracts. Therefore, the benefits of cats' hair are very effective in the fight against infections. Someone who has UTIs or an infection of the urinary tract is usually recommended to enjoy boiling water from the cat's mustache.

2. Treatment of kidney disorders

Cat musts are also popularly called plants kidney. On Java, there are well-known uses of cat hair, among which is the treatment of kidney disorders. According to the report, a cat's mustache can remove kidney stones up to 5 cm.

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