Friday , October 22 2021

Natasha Rizky and Desta are still inspired by the cartoon characters for her son's names


JAKARTA, – said actress Natasha Rizky, she and her husband, Deddy Mahendra Desta, named the third candidate for the child, now earned by Natasha.

Although he could not say the name of his potential child, Natasha gave a leak that Desta still inspired a cartoon named her son.

"Already (make a name) I thank God. Before M, not all my children, I can not leave this for the first time because my children are the exact names of our favorite cartoons," said Natasha when she met with FX Sudirman, Senayan, the central Jakarta, Friday (11/09/2013).

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The same thing was done when Natasha and Desta gave the names of their two daughters, Megumi and Misha.

"Because we really like it, like Megumi, this is from the cartoon Voltus, if you ever know, raise, otherwise I'm sure, then Miskha with Mickey Mouse. If this is a new cartoon, I will not. surprise, "Said Natasha.

Although the name still inspired the name of a cartoon hero, in his middle name, the couple, married on April 23, 2013, added names from the Arabic language

"But in the middle, there will also be an Arabic name, like Megumi Arrawda, Misha Arraw. If we use the third one, we will also use Arabic," explained Natasha.

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