Friday , February 26 2021

Music can be helpful

Music can be helpful

Music can be sleep help (Photo: closure)

Jakarta: In addition to being able to reduce the anxiety and negative effects of physical pain, a new study suggests that music has the ability to act as a cheap and unhealthy sleeping aid for people who have difficulty sleeping. The lack of sleep is a problem that will affect many things and will have serious consequences.

This study showed that music encourages a person to sleep and block internal or external stimuli that will disturb sleep.

"This study offers a new understanding of complex motives that encourage people to use music as sleep aid, and the reason that so many people find it to be an effective way," said a researcher in a study by Tabitha Trahan from the University of Sheffield, England .

The researchers observed 651 adults and the results showed that 62% of the participants used music to help them sleep. This study was published in the PLOS ONE magazine. Even those who do not have sleep disorders use music in everyday life to improve the quality of sleep comfort.

Research has shown that music has many promising neurological and physiological effects that may indicate its effective use against sleep deprivation. The subjective psychological advantages of music were also associated with the chemical changes observed due to hormone levels, when music increases oxytocin and the degree of relaxation and reduces negative thoughts.


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