First license for the media and the cancellation of the bolts, if you do not pay the frequency tonight


Bolt Internet services from InternuxBolt Internet services from Internux. (Photo: Internux)
Deadline for the payment of fees for the use of radio frequencies (BHP) PT First Media Tbk, PT Internux (Bolt) and PT Jasnita, will expire today, 17 November 2017, exactly to 23,59 WIB. If all three from 2016 do not reimburse the outstanding BHP frequency, the Ministry of Communications and Information will revoke their frequency of authorization.

A third-party cancellation claim for Internet service providers using a frequency of 2.3 GHz was filed by Ferdinandus Setu, Acting President of the Public Relations and Information Office. The ministry confirms that the rules will still be implemented, but specific provisions related to conditions such as the decision to cancel licenses on holidays are flexible and can be carried out on weekdays.

"To the third telecommunications operators: PT Internux, PT First Media Tbk and PT Jasnita, if they do not return the BHP indebtedness for the frequency band of the 2.3 GHz frequency by 23:59 at the latest, the Ministry of Communications and Information will revoke the license for the use of the frequency band , "he told the coil.

According to the assessment of communication and information technology, PT Internux provided a service Bolt, did not pay a BHP frequency of 2.3 GHz for 2016 and 2017, the value of which is Rp 343,576,161,625. Internux has frequency licenses for area 4, namely Jabodetabek and Banten.

While PT First Media Tbk did not pay the 2.3 GHz BHP frequency for 2016 and 2017, the main backlogs and penalties reached Rp 364,840,573,118 for areas 1 and 4 covering the northern Sumatra, Jabodetabek and Banten areas.

The frequency of the first Media Tbk was then used to support the service Bolt in Medan.

The first medium of Tbk confirms that the issue of frequency delay will not affect optical Internet services and order cable TV with the First Media brand. Because this Internet service is managed by PT Link Net Tbk, which is also a subsidiary of PT First Media Tbk.

In this controversy, the BHP frequency is a threat to the Bolt 4G LTE wireless Internet user, which relies heavily on the 2.3 GHz frequency.

Ministry of Communications and InformationMinistry of Communications and Information of the Republic of Indonesia. (Photo: Jofie Yordan / coil)

While PT Jasnita Telekomindo has defaulted from Rp 2,197,782,790 from 2016 to area 1, namely North Sulawesi. This company was previously founded by Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, who now serves as Director-General for Information and Communication Technologies.

PT First Media filed a lawsuit to postpone the payment of the debt

When this topic arose, PT First Media Tbk and PT Internux filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Communications and Information at the Jakarta Administrative Court (PTUN) in connection with a request for a delay in the debt obligations arising from radioactive debt (PKPU), which started on 17 November 2018.

This proposal was supported by the majority of creditors and was confirmed on Wednesday (11/14) by a committee of judges at the Economic Court in central Jakarta. Interux was proclaimed in the state of postponement of the obligation to pay the temporary debt (PKPUS), due to which the company submitted a proposal to test the debt structure of the company in the form of a peace proposal.

Dicky Moechtar, President of Internux (Bolta)Dicky Moechtar, President of Internux (Bolta). (Photo: Bolt)

However, the decision of the PKPU was effectively rejected by Kominfo. Ferdinandus stressed that the Ministry of Communications and Information will file a complaint regarding the decision of the Economic Court in central Jakarta.

"We reject the PKPU approval (Bolt). Unfortunately, we will file a complaint and appoint JAM Datun (Deputy Public Prosecutor of the Civil Code of the State Administration) to become a state lawyer representing the Ministry of Communication and Information in any subsequent censation procedure," Ferdinandus said.


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