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Due to scandals on smuggling, security personnel of the AFF 2018 Cup have been fired

SERAMBINEWS.COM – Security in the AFF 2018 Cup was forced to be taken after the illegal smuggling of the audience at the stadium.

Euphoria at the 2018 AFF Cup event must be colored by a security scandal issued by the Vietnam Football Association.

The security scandal, published by Fox Sports Asia by, took place in the AFF Cup A Group group between Vietnam and Malaysia on Friday (November 16, 2013).

During this time, the security man allegedly smuggled an illegal audience, who did not have a ticket to enter the state stadium My Dinh.

Based on reports from Fox Sports Asia, the illegal smuggling of the audience occurred at the beginning of the second half of Vietnam's match against Malaysia.

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This incident immediately became a hot talk, even photographs of the security and municipal scandal were widespread in social media.

In the photos that circulated, a spectator was shown, giving a bribe to the security service.

As a result of this case of audience smuggling, the safety of the AFF 2018 Cup has to take the consequences, namely remission from its position.

The AFF Cup organizers in 2018 are trying to improve control so that similar illegal scandals do not recur.

The Vietnam Football Association said that the increase in security will also be used when Vietnam is hosting Cambodia at Hang Day Stadium.

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They will use loudspeakers to interpret audience rules, distribute leaflets, and identify signs that allow ticket holders to access beds in accordance with the process.

The Vietnamese Football Association advised the fans to come early to the stadium.

In addition, they invited all supporters to cooperate with the organizers of the AFF 2018 Cup so that similar problems will not arise during the match and after the match.

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