Do not miss, Meteor Rain will be seen today

[ad_1], JAKARTA – The earth will experience a rare phenomenon on Saturday (November 17, 2013). The ultimate phenomenon of Leonid's meteor spraying will sail the Earth.

Prior to this, in 1833, Leonid bombarded the earth with hundreds of meteors per hour, but it seems that this year will not be that much.

"Twenty meteors per hour are likely to pass the top, making it more active than the recent Taurid's meteor shower," said Dave Samuhel from AccuWeather, who reported on Saturday (17 June 2013) on AccuWeather.

According to the American meteoric society, Leonid often bombards the Earth with a large percentage and is the brightest meteor. It's easy to find in the night sky. Then it will be midnight for the best time to see Leonid.

"The meteors emerge from the end of Leo in the northeastern part of the sky," added Samuhel.

Although Leonid will emerge from the northeast, people will be able to see meteors in all areas of the sky, if time permits.

Space reports report that if Leonid's meteor shower every year in November actually decorates the Earth's sky. This is the orbit of the orbit of the comet 55R / Tempel-Tuttle.

Comets, also called "tail stars", orbies the sun every 33 years, leaving traces of wreckage, and then falling to the surface of the Earth. Before hitting the surface of the Earth, most of the comet disturbances will be in the atmosphere.



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