Challenges and the Future of the Cloud in Indonesia – VIVA


VIVA – It is projected that the development of the cloud in Indonesia will increase further. The reason is for the future that many people will start thinking about creating applications based on Cloud. Implementing the use of the new technology will also encourage the improvement of Cloud.

"New technologies like IoT (Internet stuff), then Artificial intelligence, forehead great data which will attract the Cloud scale. Cloudom will be faster, "said Mevir Munindra, IDC Indonesia Operations Manager, who met on Thursday, November 15, 2018 at the Business Innovation Forum in Jakarta.

Mevira stressed that in 2017 there were many Indonesian companies that began to take care of the existence of Cloud. In the future, it is estimated that those who use it will be more focused on the hybrid cloud, including the use of publicity in private Cloud at the same time.

"In the future, it will more clouds. Because he will use it Shaped. IoT exists part of the cloud that is support, for example, "he said.

For Indonesia's readiness to use the cloud, Mevira said players in the industry still learn to use it. The current challenge is more skill their users.

Businesses need to understand to optimize the use of the cloud itself. Although most IT talents remain in the infrastructure, they have not yet mastered the skills for Cloud.

"Finally maturity"It's also slow if we are talking about Cloud acceptance itself," he said.

Including Cloud Maintenance Maintenance. Mevira said that IT knowledge is still lacking, especially for security.

"Anyway, culture. Imagine this you can open it immediately. Mentality what we see needs to be sharpened company alone, "said Mevira.


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