Sunday , April 18 2021

Car dealers flooded with orders sell 25 units a day


From March 1, the government introduced a 100 percent tax relief on luxury goods (PPnBM) for three months, followed three months later by a 50 percent discount and 25 percent three months later. He claims that this policy has a direct effect on one of the car dealers. The order arrived immediately.

As stated by GAIKINDO III President Rizwan Alamsjah in a statement received detikOto. Rizwan, who is also vice president of PT. Krama Yudha revealed that the implementation of PMK no. 20 / PMK 010/2021 regarding the sales tax on luxury goods (PPnBM) for the delivery of taxable luxury goods in the form of certain motor vehicles covered by the government, caused the Mitsubishi seller to feel a positive impact.

“We received information from one of Mitsubishi’s authorized dealers that it has jumped significantly to 25 units per day since the previous purchase of 5-6 units per day, since the introduction of the PPnBM policy, so in our opinion this is very positive,” he said. Rizwan Alamsjah.

Rizwan continued, if we want this condition to be stable, we hope that the goal of car sales set in 2021 will be achieved.

Mitsubishi repair and painting dealers in Semarang, Central JavaMitsubishi repair and paint dealer in Semarang, Central Java Photo: Mitsubishi doc

Not only in terms of car sales, this policy will at the same time encourage thousands of companies supporting the automotive industry in the industrial ecosystem to accelerate its recovery. This recovery can help 1.5 million workers in this sector to return to work in full, so we hope that it will also accelerate the recovery of Indonesia’s national economy.

We hope that the recovery in motor vehicle sales in Indonesia will help revitalize the automotive ecosystem in Indonesia, which was hit hard by the 2020 pandemic.

Note that sales of four-wheel motor vehicles or more can typically record between 90,000 and 100,000 units per month. However, when the pandemic came, the number dropped significantly to only 3,700 units in May-May 2020. This means that the PPnBM discount policy is the right step to revitalize the automotive industry.

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