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Barcelona News – There are hidden attempts to get rid of Philippe Coutinha


Coutinho was supposed to be used as a means of exchange in order to bring Neymar.

Barcelona dealer Philippe Coutinho, Kia Joorabchian, breathed in an attempt by the club to get rid of its customers.

Joorabchian named Barcelona's talent for South America, Andre Cury, secretly tried to arrange the transfer of Neymar from Paris Saint-Germain using Coutinha as part of the dress.

President [Josep Maria Bartomeu] He clearly said he did not intend to sell Coutinha to any club, "said Joorabchian RMC SportOn Sunday (July 14, 2014).

"We are taking Barcelona's decision to do this, but I realized that Andre Cury said something else. He encouraged Coutinha to get involved in the Neymar transfer agreement package," the Iranian man said.

"We are silent all this time, but Barcelona can not lie to the players. They have to tell the truth!" He added.

"If they want Coutinho to leave, let's say, we will make the best decision for the future," he concluded.

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Barca spent a total of € 160 million while breaking the transfer record to provide Coutinha services from Liverpool in a 5.5-year contract.

The amount of funds is divided into EUR 120 million in transfers and EUR 40 million in bonuses.

The problem is that Coutinho has not sunk in the last two seasons. Only in domestic competition he only contributed only 13 goals and 7 goals helps in 52 matches.

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