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Asus releases the latest ROG series, starting with Zephyrus and Strix


Not only is it focused on compact notebooks, but also Asus is preparing a series of ROG series that are intended for use esports. For this reason, the last line of models for ROG Strix was released.

"Trg playing it has changed, the market esports now it has become more and more popular, so we have released the latest line of ROG Strix products, "said Gaming, a senior director of the Asus Global Business System, Alvin Huang.

According to Alvina, the latest line of notebook products on the ROG Strix line offers players the best experience. Not only about the capacity, but also about the sustainability that is given.

Model Strix ROG is presented in Indonesia SCAR III and Hero III. Both are made with a thinner design and they adopt ROG Face Off design, the concept of a gaming laptop, which is the result of collaboration between Asus ROG and the BMW Designworks Group.

Asus also installed a new feature called Keystone for these two models. Keystone can be designated as "key", which is used to store important user information, including special settings when playing games.

Not only is Asus presenting screen options refreshed level to 240Hz with response time 3ms. The latest ROG Strix model supports Intel's 9th generation processors.

At the launch of two ROG Strix SCAR III and Hero III models, Asus introduced the new version of ROG Strix G. This line of notebooks is designed for players who are not just playing games. esports, but also another game.

From ROG Strix G from other models, it's a surprising difference that versions and specifications are more diverse. The notebook has no Keystone features, such as both versions, and uses a display panel with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

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