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An old pregnant but small stomach, Sandra Dewi is not even sure


The physical condition of Sandra Dewi during pregnancy makes many women jealous. How not, in the gestational age that entered in the seventh month, Sandrine's gastric still looks average. but he did not really convince him. How come?


"Actually, my character is a bit insecure, for example, I am like now, now I want to interrupt, yes, the next month I was born." A woman who is usually lean, single, suddenly pregnant, happy, pregnant, when I want to give birth, it weighs over ten pounds, "said Sandra Dewi in the Kemang area of ​​southern Jakarta on Friday (12/7).

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"It's a lie, if we are self-confident, a lie. There is a feeling, I'm not self-confident, especially when looking at beautiful girls, I'm not sure. But how should my feelings be uncertain, there must be time," he continued.


Although people see it as physically sexy, Sandra admits that there is something in it that makes her body more full than usual. Therefore, in this pregnancy, Sandra claimed to be more protective of her appearance.

"If you are the first person who is very stupid about what you want, I really want to be so confident, if the feeling is small, I'm not sure, I just do not want to continue. / edi

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