AFF Futsal Cup: Indonesia must win in Cambodia


TEMPO.CO, Yogyakarta – The Indonesian national team will challenge Cambodia in the 2018 AFF Futsal Cup Cup at Yogyakarta State University on Wednesday, November 7, 2018. This match, compared to Cambodia, is also a decisive factor in whether the Indonesian national team futsal into the semi-finals.

The Indonesian team must win to qualify for the semifinals. Because the three groups in Group A have the option of having the same number. Malaysia, currently at the top with 6 points, will face Myanmar, who are in second place with 3 points.

Myanmar is in second place with the same value as the Indonesian team, because it has a better goal difference after slaughtering Cambodia 11-2 in the previous game. Although the Indonesian record was better at the national team meeting, he won in Myanmar 5-1 on Monday.

The Indonesian national football team won the third place in group A after being defeated Malaysia by point 5-7 on Tuesday.

Myanmar will face Malaysia in the afternoon. If Myanmar wins over Malaysia, there will be three teams that will have 6 points and will be on the basis of the difference between the goals.

Indonesian coach for football team Kensuke Takahashi said he will better prepare his foster children for the challenge in Cambodia. Nevertheless he acknowledged that he did not emphasize how many goals could be printed by Bambang Bay Sapta Aji cs.

"Instead of thinking about the number of targets when we are against Cambodia, our important goal is to win," Kensuke said.

Kesuke also promised that the Indonesian football team will intensify in the fight against Cambodia. Many of the ratings after losing to Malaysia have been examined and need not be repeated.

In a match against Malaysia, Kensuke denied the mentality of the Indonesian player of the national football team in order to draw first, so the concentration of players was scattered and in 3 minutes reached 3 consecutive goals.

"(Malaysia's defeat) is not a mental matter, but attention and technique of the game, which is related to the experience," Kensuke said.

Kensuke regretted a number of mistakes made by his players in the Malaysian challenge and should not be repeated as they oppose Cambodia tomorrow if they want to qualify for the semifinals. There are also errors when they oppose Malaysia, for example there are many individual errors. Worse still, in the full hour, that individual errors occurred in the early minutes. In Malaysia, in the first minute it was possible to score a goal.

"If Malaysia is in the first minute of fast goals, we are confident that the Indonesian team will be different," he said.

Kensuke will also repeat to his team when he challenges Cambodia, so he has to concentrate and concentrate from the start of the match.

The Japanese coach also revealed that the situation with the set pieces is still a problem for the Indonesian team at the moment. Although many Malaysian targets have been created from such situations. In addition, he highlighted fundamental errors such as ball control, turning and pushing with a half-ball.

"We are preparing for victory when we are more successful against Cambodia," he said.


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