4 Natural ways to cure inflammation of the throat, from sawing with salt water to tea lemon tea


TRIBUNTRAVEL.COM – The sore throat can be experienced by everyone, the cause of pain in the throat is changing.

Inflammation of the throat is the first sign of colds and flu or due to the effects of the tension of the vocal cord.

Not only that, an inflamed throat can also be a sign of a more serious illness, such as a sore throat.

Here are 4 ways to speed up the process of recovery of throat inflammation.

1. Gargle with salt water

ILLUSTRATION of saline solution
ILLUSTRATION of saline solution (shakarasquare.com)

Inflammation of the throat can trigger pain and warmth in the throat, so try to wash it with salt water.

Healthy launch of salt water can reduce swelling in the throat, mucus mucus, and help ease bacteria and various causes of irritation.

To do this, sprinkle one teaspoon with a cup of warm water, then mix and dissolve the salt, and then chop it for a few seconds, then flush off

Repeat several times a day.

2. Steam mixture of cinnamon and honey


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