"The other" Sonia has a bang


Vinayak Padmadeo

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 17

Sonia Chahal has been dealing with a special problem for some time. For some strange reason, it often happens that at the World Cup in 2016, she often went for a higher pioneer Sonia Lather, a silver medalist. Although Sonia continues with her name after a formal document, a 21-year-old 57 kg puddle often finds that people called it "Lather". Worse, there were instances when Sonia Lather was a greeting card for the hero Sonia Chahal. Sometimes even the broadcasters are wrong. On Saturday, when in Morocco, Doaa Toujani 5-0 in my opening, entered the precursor, the surname "Lather" was flashing on the screen, which is almost glistening.

"It's really weird: Last year I won with senior citizens and some people and some local leaders have called Sonia Lather to congratulate her!" Said Sonia. "Even people in the media are wrong. In some articles and pictures I've been mentioned as Sonia Lather, but that's really not a lot. We have the same name, they are both from Haryana, so I can understand."

By the way, Sonia is the reason why her names do not compete in the championships. After leaving the first round of Asian games, Sonia Lather met Sonia Chahal at the Inter-Railway and finished her ability to make a decision for the championship. "I am very pleased with today's victory. This is a great step for me, my first pine in such a big competition," said Sonia.

Her inspiration: Kavita Chahal

Sonia comes from the village of Bhiwani in Nimri. She was inspired by the winner of Arjuna and the double world championships of the bronze medalist Kavita Chahal, who came from the same village and feared. Her conservative family was on the way, but a six-month training session under Jagdish Singh in the famous Bihwana Boxing Club removed this obstacle. "My family was not in favor of living and training in Bihwana, but my silver medal in school year-long citizens in 2011 made things easier," Sonia recalled. "I won silver after training only six months. After that, my brother Sumit stayed with me in Bihwana for three years and helped me train and pair. He and my coaches are the reason for everything I've achieved, "she said.

Pinki, Simranjit also win

Pinki Rani and Simranjit Kaur also entered the precursors. The three victories on Saturday represent five out of five for India – Manisha Moun and Sarita Devi won 32 matches yesterday. While Pinki defeated Armenia's Anusha Grigoryan in the 51 kg category, Simranjit passed past Amelie Moore with a similar level in the 64 kg category.


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