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Back in 2016, a wireless giant Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM) lost its status as the only source of mobile modems inside AppleIt is (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhones, as a chip giant Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) became the second modem source for the iPhone 7-series devices.

Qualcomm remained an iPhone modem supplier for the next generation of iPhones. However, Qualcomm was based on this year's iPhones, enabled by Intel's added CDMA standard wireless standard, to which some carriers still rely – to its latest cellular modem known as the XMM 7560.

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In February, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who reported that Intel will be the only supplier of modems in iPhones in 2018, 9to5Mac – that Qualcomm might eventually read the iPhone supply chain module.

Here is 9to5Macsummary of Kua comments:

It now claims that Qualcomm will be excluded from iPhones from 2018 in full. However, KGI does not rule out that Qualcomm has returned to the supply chain, perhaps as concessions in the settlement for the lawsuit.

KGI says that there is also the danger that Intel may not be ready for the 5G network as quickly as Qualcomm, which may also force Apple's hand.

According to the latest developments, I think the quota that Qualcomm will get back will order iPhones whenever they do not look good. Here's why.

It seems Intel's performance has improved

Qualcomm is the leading provider of mobile modems, but Intel's performance seems to have improved. According to the statements PC MagazineThe iPhone XS, powered by Intel's XMM 7560 modem, is a huge step ahead of the iPhone X when it comes to LTE transmission speeds, according to the exclusive new data from Cellular Insights and Ookla Speedtest. "

The site acknowledged that "it does not compare with the Qualcomm X20 modem used in Samsung (NASDAQOTH: SSNLF) Galaxy Note 9. "However, the performance gap seems much smaller than the previous generations of Intel modems, which means that Intel has improved the competitiveness of its modem technology with the XMM 7560.

Regarding the 5G risk, which Kuo emphasized in February, it should be noted that Intel recently announced that the modem XMM 8160 5G, a modem that A quick company the reports will be authorized by Apple's Apple iPhone 2020, is in progress in the second half of 2019 and will appear in installations in the first half of 2020.

A quick company it also reports that the Intel XMM 8060 5G chip – a chip that Intel points out – is intended to be used as a "development platform" rather than a part that will find its way in marine devices – causes "problems with heat dissipation".

With this in mind, A quick company said that "Apple's current questions with Intel are not serious enough to allow Apple to resume conversations with Qualcomm on the delivery of 5G modems."

Now that we get a company like Apple, it's a marathon, not a sprint, so Intel can not just get to the XMM 8160 and announce the win for the whole time. The company must maintain modems that meet Apple's requirements, while in terms of scheduling, speed is missing.

However, since Intel's modem upgrade appears to be on the way, and considering the bitter legal dispute currently taking place between Apple and Qualcomm, the likelihood does not seem good for Qualcomm to win back to Apple's mobile modem company soon.

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