Wednesday , March 3 2021

NASA "hurts" Star Trek in the galaxy far away

NEW DELHI: NASA seems to have noticed "gas pockets" that resemble an iconic Enterprise Enterprise from the Star Trek franchise.

"Gas plugs" are part of the clash of the galaxy cluster. The image of the cluster, Abell 1033, is 1.6 billion light-years from Earth.

The Abell 1033 image also showed an example of "pareidolia", a psychological phenomenon, where known forms and patterns are visible in otherwise random data.

"In the Abell 1033 data structures, they create a wacky look at many of the imagery of the fictitious Starship Enterprise from Star Trek," said NASA.


(Image credit: rentgen: NASA / CXC / Leiden Univ./F. Gasperin et al; Optical: SDSS; Radio: LOFAR / ASTRON, NCRA / TIFR / GMRT)

The composite image includes Chandra X ray (violet), radio broadcasts from the low-frequency network (LOFAR) in the Netherlands (blue) and optical emissions from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

However, Abell 1033 is not one galaxy, scientists used X-rays and radio data to determine that two galaxies are actually in the collision process.

After NASA's "surprising" discovery, the second man who stepped into the moon, Buzz Aldrin, seemed to be ready for another historic journey.

"Let's go up!" Tweeted it.

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