Naagin November 3, 18, 2018 Written update of a full-length episode: White gets guilty, because Vyom loses his sight!


Last night we saw that Vyom revealed his true identity to Beli and his intentions to kill all the hits. In tonight's episode, White recalls how Kesha attacked Juha and witnessed the death of her sister. Kesha attacks, but Kesha tells her that she actually wanted to taste her blood, and Juhi was just a simple pedestrian in her plan. White kills him and her sister Juhi breathes in her white arm. White tells the whole story to Vyomu and his family. He also tells them that they started this war. Amrita defends her dead son and says that she is not guilty. Vyom threatens to kill all the hits. White tells them that they will not let anyone harm them. Vyom points to the sky and shows her all the spots ready for the attack.

The next morning the family welcomes Yuvi and Vish. Mahir and Bela join, and Bela tells him that he wants to stay with him all the time. The inlets are close to the area of ​​pooja and just before the start of the artery, Vyom says that their family is so strange. Sehgals start pooja. Bela, Vish, and Vikrant organized a meeting to highlight life in the evening.

Vish greets thieves. Mahir flirts with White. Vish also flirts with Vikrant and everyone starts dancing. Vish and Yuvi present the theme of the party. Some men play the dhol and start to influence stains. Noise causes problems with them. More predicts the game of cards and asks for the ditches to join. Mahir and Bela are still busy flirting with each other. Scientists begin to apologize to leave behind one another. White sees them leaving, and asks the family to follow her outside, and says he has a surprise for them. It illuminates crackers outside, which are even more harmful to scoundrels. They're running back. Mahir is wondering what happened to Vyom. Vyom rushes into the interior and screams at the dhol walas to stop. Sehgali recruits to see how Vyom lies on a bed with meals in the eyes and family on his side.

Amita asks White why she did it to her. He cries indescribably and says that the loud noise is nervous. For this, White is guilty, but Mahir defends her. Vyom says that Bella is not guilty. But Amrita still holds White responsible for this. Mahir offers to call a doctor, but Vyom stops. He says it happened earlier, but this time it looks like he was okay for the blind.

Later, Vikrant meets Bella on the terrace. He asks him where Vish is and gets upset. He told her that Vyom was just engaged. White tells her she will never forgive her. They decide to teach them a lesson and go to her bedroom only to find a sister Vyom, who is lying along Mahir. Molly White silences when Mahir sleeps deeply.

She threatens to kill Mahir and fight in their animal form. White throws her out of the window when Mahir wakes up. She says he saved her from the bird. White told him that she was just a dream and asked him to sleep. She returns her back to bed and shares a romantic moment. The Vikrant returns to his room, and Vish asks him where he is. They come into argument,

White enters his room and expects Mahir to fall asleep. But he is awake and tells her that he was waiting for her. White says she will sleep on the couch instead of bed. He also joined the couch. White expresses her inconvenience, so Mahir returns to her bed. He gets up and sleeps beside him. The Vikrant arrives at night and leaves the room and thinks that she is asleep.

Vyom dreams that Bela tries to kill him, but keeps her in the neck and tries to kill her. He wakes up and convinces himself that his dream will someday become real. The Vikrant goes to the sister of Viom's sister and flirts with each other. They leave the room in the morning when they talk about the previous night, and Vyom arranges for their conversation.

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