In Mumba defeat Bengaluru Bulls, tamil Thalaivas hold Haryana Steelers to draw


The hosts in Mumba continued with a wonderful season, when they beat Bengaluru Bulls 32-29 on Wednesday in the NSCI Stadium in the mid-season Pro Kabaddi League (PKL). The home team dominated over visitors in the first half, outside the Bengaluru Bulls in each section of the game. However, the visitors fought hard in the later part of the game, which was too late. The second game of the night between the Tamil Thalaivas and Haryano Steelers ended up in a tie. Sukesh Hegde scored seven points for the Tamil Thalaivas, while Manjeet Chhillar earned four points for Tamil Thalaivas. For Haryana Steelers, Vikas Kandola scored 14 points and Kuldeep Singh scored three points

At the match between U Mumba and Bengaluru Bulls, Darshan Kadian, Surrender Singh and Abofazl Maghsod collected nine, five and five points for hosts, while Pawan Sehrawat, Rahul Chaudhary and Kashiling Adake with Bengalur earned eight, six, and four points for their side .

Darshan and Abofazl chose one point in their first attempt to attack when U Mumba started with a 2-0 lead before embarking on Bengaluru Pawan and Kashling to move to four points.

Darshan continued with successful attempts at attacks and again chose a point that left only two men on the mat to visitors. It seems that nothing was happening on the visitor's route, as their attacker Mahesh Maruti was also rescued by the host, and the situation of Bengalur became even worse.

Darshan was successful again when U Mumba made All-Out, who ran a big 9-0. The dominant home side extended the lead to 12 points, while opponents still wanted to open their account by 11 minutes.

Skipper Rahul finally gave Bengaluru some delay with a successful attack, but it was too late as U Mumba had already taken 11 points.

The host continued with his fantastic show in the later part of the first half as he scored 17-6 in favor of U Mumba at half-time.

Already in the early moments of the second half, the host made another All-Out to lead a strong 24-7.

Visitors then accumulated a few points in a quick order to score 11 points, while U Mumba could manage only one, but the result was still in a roaming position from 25-11 to 29 minutes.

However, the visitors fought well when their successive successes and attempts rose to 20 points, while U Mumba could only score one point to 35 minutes when the result read 26-20.

Kashlyn's super-attack Bengaluru received 24 points, reduced the deficit to only five points, and then three minutes later. Pawan then tried again to allow visitors to read the record 29-25.

The home side then collected three points in retries to 32 points, seven more than opponents.

At the last moment of the race, Bengaluru collected four points. However, it was not enough to prevent U Mumba from registering their ninth victory in 12 games during the season.

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