Chelsea fans still need convincing Alvaro Morata can imitate Didier Drogbo and Diego Costa


There are some players who have come to Chelsea with more pressure on them than Alvaro Morata. To begin with, when the Spanish striker joined Real Madrid for £ 58m in the summer of 2017, he became a new club record record.

It's hard enough to solve, but Morati also got an almost impossible task to emulate the two greatest betters Stamford Bridge has ever seen.

Didier Drogba achieved an extraordinary 164 goals for Chelsea in two hours and was the main factor in claiming 12 trophies during his stay, including the Champions League. Diego Costa spent three seasons in West London, but this was more than enough time to keep a lasting impression. There were 57 goals, two league and a league cup.

Morata, 26, faltered fiercely during the first world championship and did not start much better with one shot that found the net in the first nine appearances. But the last few weeks, which are surrounded by a decisive touch on the palace, have provided hope.

Only six goals in six matches are more than reputable, but the way they need to be too simple and not to miss out on simple options – as on Sunday for a hat-trick – the vast majority of Chelsea still need the belief that even half can be as effective as Drogba and Costa.

But Cesar Azpilicueta wants to stop such conversations and explain: "I do not like comparisons. Everyone has to work their way. You (Drogba and Costa) had different qualities and personalities. It is not correct to talk about these two great players and Alvaro.

"Alvaro goes on his way. He came to a new country, and I'm sure he will get the prize by the way he works."

Inevitably, the coach of Chelsea Maurizio Sarri was also invited to his opinion on Morata, after his two well-accomplished goals set the home side on the track to overcome the palace. But with the praise she was charged with the charge that Morat "is a bit fragile with a sense of mentality".

Anyone who watched over the last 15 months would naturally agree, although Azpilicueta has recently noticed a positive change in his coexistence. "The goals help a lot because we know that the attackers are – they live for goals," he added. "We know that he gives him more self-confidence, a good game, a search for opportunities. Sometimes a ball does not enter, but I am happy with my work, his progress. We know that the last season was difficult for him, but he is a very important player for us."

Chelsea v Crystal Palace: Maurizio Sarri press conference after the competition

Despite some of the mistakes of former Juventus star, one of the suspects Palace was looking forward to expecting him now to run his front line. This was an encouraging display of Roy Hodgson's dress that threatened to repeat the victory in Chelsea in the years 2015 and 2017.

He has been playing the game plan for a long time. They eliminated Chelsea's attack and used the rhythms of Andros Townsend and Wilfried Zaha on the counter. Townsend had a very good equalizer in the palace and ran for David Luiz when the ball was in the bottom corner.

However, on too many occasions, promising moves swung away because there was no goal in the middle. While Chelsea could bring Eden Hazard, Mateo Kovačič and Cesc Fabregas to help secure the three points, the palaces were joined by Jordan Ayew and Jeffrey Schlupp.

On target: Morata twice reached the palace (EPA)

Obviously, the eight goals from 11 league games are worrying statistics, especially when 16 are entered in the debit column.

Hodgson, who led the security team after a gruesome start under Franco de Boer's last term, is without a doubt.

"The only similarity I see is last year when we struggled and did not look like getting results," he said. "This year, we are a little surprised at the matches, that we did not get results. There are not many of us teams.


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