Wednesday , June 23 2021

Actress Niharika Singh called the late husband – The New Indian Express

Z Express News Service

NEW DELHI: Former Miss India and actor Niharika Singh shared her #I also a story on Friday, in which she accused the husband of a flying woman who allegedly committed suicide in July of a "sociopath" and "physically violent" when she was briefly employed in 2011. Anissia Batra, who worked with the German the airline allegedly jumped from the terrace of his house in July. Her husband, Mayank Singhvi, was arrested for accusing her of death due to peace, and her relatives were also arrested earlier this month.

Your story about #MeToo was shared by Sandhya Menon journalist on Twitter. Singh said in a post that Singhvi met at a birthday party: "Within two months after the meeting, Mayank tattooed me on my chest and told me that he was loving me.

"I did not feel the same way for him, but he managed to enter his social circle and develop a bond with family and friends who insisted on" calming down. "In 2011, when my 29th birthday gave me a ring and me I asked him to marry him, "said Singh.

"I came to know later that Singhvi was a sociopath, and at the end of 2011 I broke up my business. His ego was completely bluish and his anger was uncontrollable. He was abused and physically violent. I went to a friend's house to protect and I leave Mumbai, "she said.

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