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Women's themes are at the center of this year's Thealter festival in Szeged


The Thealter Theater Festival in Szeged, which begins on August 2nd, will focus on women's themes and present international performances – Czech, Slovak, Slovenian and Romanian – informed MTI.

According to the announcement, this year's program is intended for a number of shows that specifically address women's issues. On August 4, the studio performance of the Örkény The Glass Cover will be shown. The production of the novel Sylvie Plath is a cult work of the twentieth century, which shows the positions to become a woman with a ruthless sincerity.

Mészáros Piroska as a monodrama, forms part of her life in a call girl: an actress who was temporarily absent from work began to work in a multinational a few years ago and put it in the textbook, the success of Manne's production Dávid Spáh who edited it.

Marko-Anna Valentyik plays a twenty-year-old actress and moves his eighty-year puppet version Alaine – it's time to die Andrea Ladanyi, director-choreographer, was dreaming on the stage. In the shocking productions of the KL Theater, the lyrics of Alaine Polcz and the songs of Katalin Karády are revived.

Queendom An exciting fantasy Veronika Szabó is balanced at the intersection of modern theater, physical theater and dragshow. The techniques of improvisation, with the help of eight artists, showcase women and men presentations from the Renaissance to today's pop culture.

The company KV formed a evry-drama drama Medea in this version of the vulnerability of women and the options for dealing with the crisis.

In Szeged this year, creative teams from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania come, many of whom have come to the fore in Hungary. Czech Republic Tereza Ondrová and Slovak Peter Savel explore the diversity of romantic relationships As long as you hold your hands in dance production.

For a team of reactors in Kolozsvár 99.6% In his performance, young Romanian and Hungarian theater artists are looking at the events of the last 100 years with love and hatred, and also with their own experience of identity. Slovene Moment – EN-KNAP Hero 2.0 It's about ambition.

Title 6 is the performance of the Slovenian Youth Theater, which was created on the basis of real events. Production represents six minors of refugee calvary, as the urban institutional system seeks to "regulate" their accommodation.

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