Friday , October 22 2021

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Therefore, the chrysanthemum is the true value of small businesses, which means that almost every third cg is also in the hands of Admiralty at the level of the European Union, "said Deputy Prime Minister Varga Mihly.

The Minister stressed the importance of reducing the number of people with lower levels, including the one whose results are also important in terms of competition in the country.

According to Varge Mihly, economic actors push government budgets, and data on connections show that smaller businesses are willing to pay once low. Depending on the thesis, we can find a cat, since this is the simplest of Hungarian laws, and the most tolerant is the admiral form.

Varga MihlyForrs: MTI / Mnus Mrton

Viewers – every month you have to pay ten thousand forints in lamkass, With the help of money, riders get rid of the trumpet and jams, as well as jarules and cosmic adjectives. The installation system has no burdensome administration with hosts that are able to find a lot of financial and economic rationality. It is also a pity, "said the State Secretary, who says that the Supreme Court in 2006 increased the income tax on kata to the previous year, and even these companies could accept this reception, which earned a monthly billions of forints monthly.

The government also helped in jv

Mihaly Varga, the government in JV helps Hungarian small and small companies with more elaborated rules kztehervisel. The intensity of the effort has highlighted a favorable opportunity to save public transport. If the Board of Directors accepts the Pnzgyminisztrium proposal, it will increase from fourteen to fifteen thousand forint to HUF, up to the upper half of the balance on the minimum amount of money. This is a concern that the minimum number of adadministratives will continue to decline, "the minister said.

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