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The secrets of the First World War about his family were revealed by Gregor Bernadett

He was able to learn about a certain part of his past from a newspaper article Gregor Bernadett. Lately, it has been possible to read a shocking family story Mandiner readers

Ancient lists

The Newspaper Museum owner, Sal Endre bought fifty letters from World War I, from which one can trace the exciting, often terrifying life story of the Belle family in Szeged. The famous family was a respected family in Szeged, teachers, musicians and doctors. Correspondence from the 103s reveals how they lived, what difficulties they encountered during the war, and how worried Ferenc Belle Sr. was about his enrolled sons Francis and Geza. The latter died at the front from a grenade, and Francis still had difficult years after the war: his first wife and child died early, and the man was then buried in music.

Photo: MTVA / Zsolt Zih

A new woman

Belle eventually remarried and four children were born from Phrygia. One of them, Elizabeth and surprisingly, she is none other than Gregor Bernadette’s mother.

The metropolis called Award-winning actress Mari Jászai, who revealed that he himself had learned from an article in the Newspaper Museum about correspondence between ancestors, which enabled him to get to know his grandfather, brother and great-grandfather in such detail that few would give them away.

My uncle from Germany shared the article on his community page. I started reading and after the first few lines I was shocked to find that this was my family’s story. It was an amazing feeling to face what my ancestors had gone through in the past. It was an exciting and shocking experience when they saw their lives through such letters to such an extent. Days have passed since then, but I am still under his influence.


He keeps the relic

The actress is grateful to fate for being able to get a more complete picture of the past of her mother’s branch of the family.

In addition, Bernadett has for many years preserved as a relic the old legacy left over from the Belle branch: one hundred and fifty years old Christmas tree.

“I inherited the Christmas tree from my mother, and she inherited it from her parents.” For generations, for our family, a century and a half, everyone has been putting up a tree at Christmas. Perhaps wars, revolutions, dangers and hardships have come, the Christmas tree has always been with us, not lost in the midst of the problems of history. I hope that one day my children will pass on this simple but important family memory, ”said the actress.

Gregor Bernadette's family has been protecting the Christmas tree for one hundred and fifty years, having survived all revolutions and wars.

Gregor Bernadette’s family has been protecting the Christmas tree for one hundred and fifty years, having survived all revolutions and wars. Photo: Gregor Bernadett

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