The entire house of Duna will be distributed throughout Europe


Duna House wants to become a decisive player in the European real estate market, looking for additional opportunities to acquire not only in the region, but throughout Europe and invests between 2 and 20 million euros.

Guy Dymschiz (in the picture), co-chairman of Duna House Holding Plc. He claims that he does not like the company entering the Budapest Stock Exchange in November 2016. The shares are classified as premiums. At the same time, he considered that the current price of their shares does not reflect the true value of the company – on Tuesday, the final price of the shares was 3660 forints – quotes MTI.

He said that interest rate, tax relief and depreciation (EBITDA) amounted to HUF 1.43 billion in the first half of 2018, which is two and a half more than in the same period in 2016. Moreover, the price of shares did not significantly affect the constant increasing dividend payments or purchasing MyCity.

He also called for the company to focus on finding new markets and existing ones. This was stressed by the fact that the franchise network had already begun in the Czech Republic, and in Hungary they sought to expand the franchise system so far.

Important events

Ferenc Máté, Deputy Director-General of the company, reminded that the company was later enlarged on November 6, when the Polish subsidiary of the Duna House Group took over the company Metrohouse Franchise S.A. from Polish Gold Finance Sp. Z o.o. credit intermediary. Gold Finance received 63 billion tolars of HUF in 2017, which is equal in size to the credit portfolio transmitted by the entire Duna House group in Hungary and Poland – the importance of the acquisition was detected by Ferenc Máté.

Doron Dymschiz, the second co-chairman of the group, mentioned the extension of the family home allowance (bouquets) as the most important change on the Hungarian real estate market, which kept the preferential 5% flat under certain conditions until 2023 and ended state subsidies for housing savings banks. It also called for expansion of the bouquet and maintenance of the housing stock as a positive step, with the first expected increase in the credit portfolio, and the latter is tackled with uncertainty in the market. The cancellation of state aid, ltp, encourages companies to develop new products in the money market, adds.

Dániel Schilling, the company's director, drew attention to the target prices set by analysts. Concerning the target price of 4751 forints, agreed by Concorde Securities Zrt., The Group believes that the current share price should be exceeded, he said.

The shares of Duna House have been in the BSE category since November 11, 2016. In the past year, the highest rate was 4340 forints and the lowest for 3360 forints.


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