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Nemanja Matic, the football player of Manchester United, was the only one to win the match against Bournemouth on Saturday with a 2: 1 victory, with the British celebrating the war memorial day.

The 30-year-old defender also said that Manchester Derby will not be worn Sunday because it reminds him of the bombing of Serbia. Then, on March 24, 1999, under the favorable campaign of the merciful angel, 4000 bombs entered into 2300 air strikes, which caused some 2,500 civilian deaths in Serbia.

I am fully aware of why people wear poppies on their clothes and respect it fully, everyone has their own right. In addition, I agree with all the people who lost loved ones in war. In the meantime, it reminds me of the attack when I was 12 in Vrelo, because my country was bombed in 1999.

Matic even added, and has no reason to undermine the historical value of the symbol of pride in the UK, but his personal experience dictates that they do not carry it.

"I hope everyone understands my reasons, I tried to explain this to everyone and concentrate on helping my team in solving the following tasks."

He does not know from which emotions everything is from the Manchesters, but those who were verbally attacked for similar reasons.

James McClean, midfielder Stoke, was found by his own fans at the Middlesbrough match. McClean did not have any pussy on the ground for similar reasons, because the Irish state footballer was born in Londonderry, where soldiers of the British army opened demonstrators on freedom on January 30, 1972, and killed 13 on a bloody Sunday.


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