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an enormous huge debate exploded in Tarls Istvn's regime: this one-step reform program for Budapest, Mrs Puzsr Rober and the enormous Momentum were scandalized. The Hungarian opposition party will again show that no one else should fight anyone in the world. Happy Tarls-hours.

Let me assure you that the Istrian Tarls is one of the happiest politicians in the world. Budapest has been running Hungarian heat for eight years and shows that nothing can be held in jarring, and in fact it can not be cheated on a more specific pose in a political sense. If I wrote this somewhat more precariously, it would have been that the Hungarian opposition in the jury would certainly not harm Tara. Since it is all the more important for Tarls to remind him that he is about to start, the planet or the world is moving away from the state. How can I think? The reason for this is very often: the opposition is shaking all the ups and downs. otherwise

The Hungarian opposition has begun to cope, as never before.

To do this, Ruther Puzsr, with arguments and planning, wanted to persuade the Hungarian Democrats to reduce themselves. With a humorous wave, a balchener started on the opposition side as a storm. Puzsr advocated in the same way the following people:

I am reporting that today's day is more visible than the Hungarian Asphalt Graphic Museum,

Andrew Black-Gyr, we spent the morning in Nsavava, where he managed to say the following about Puzsr:

I talked to Puzsr with a lot of people, and I told them they would more likely vote for Tarls Istvan. We are not a horn, we can not say a word that gives Tars more votes.

From the thoughts of young politicians seriously takes into account his friends (acquaintances, celebrities, friends, etc.). And because they do not like Puzsrta, Momentum does not like Puzsr. The Black-Gyr statement is strange.

  • Prttrsai, DK-bl went to Szarvas Koppny Bendegz, and the original Allen Momentum, Soproni Tams, also died in Puzsr near Korba. this is definitely a sign that there are serious vaults in the tablecloth too. Origo, which refers to the internal sources of the word, came to the conclusion that serious disturbances occur in the heads and couplings.
  • The advertising campaign Msrszrl Puzsr repeatedly led the left wing elite in the opposite direction and to this day he watched that he would not let go of the name of Momentum when he spoke about the fight against the political mainstream.

Great controversy certainly collapsed with the words Momentum and continued through the youth index.

if the Momentum is better, it has a better signal, calls it, pulls it out and hates it. Democratic democracy will only be richer. If the left side of the customer is considered to be the same as the one you are charging.

He enabled the extermination of Momentum to lead the MSZP, the "previous lamp" of the chapter. If this happens, then

Moment will be Prbd

Puzsr opposed this sentence and called for years of Karoly Gergely. Because to fight together j.


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