Neymar and Cavani were above the ply


Not as good as improvements in Neymar and Edison Cavan, but Paris Saint-Germain also made a round with a so-called triangular tape.

The Brazilian achieved a 1: 0 lead on Neymaru for Uruguay's defeat. However, the game in London was not really a mess in the 76th minute, but due to the strike of the team k, Brazilian Neymar and Edison Cavani in Uruguay. More often than not, Paris Saint-Germain did not eat any palm, but the cheese was louder than ever before, but it seems that the opponents managed to turn off. Well, the BKE procession proved to be the best thing with what Al Cavani Neymar did, and then, as far as he was concerned, the Brazilian wanted to help Uruguay.

"We had smaller pieces with Neymar, but I'm sure we will laugh," Cavani said, who knew exactly what he was doing.

If we had these sets of Thomas Tuchel and Lw Zsolt, we would have a smaller stomach to return our cords to the Prizz club. In fact, it is the task of making big orders in the long run, as well as kud dudst kicking.


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