Népszava got ten times the iron with 222 hours of time


Hungary in the national team for the first time with the impressive goals of Orbán and Ádám Szalai beat Estonia 2-0 in the national league in Budapest on Thursday.

Will Tamás Kádár become captain, Balázs Juzjak and Ádám Szalai are missing? – Every day at the match when the Hungarian Football Federation announced on the Twitter channel with a picture of 12 and 4 jerseys, he said: "In his traditional collection at home, he accepts the Estonian national elite. Kádár's number four was the captain's bracelet on the tricycle – theories were made just because Italian coach Marco Rossi and his previous behavior were forbidden to compete in the bench with substitute coach Cosimo Inguscio repeated this week: if it starts, Judees will be captain, if not, then Szalai.

In the end, Szalai could wear a ribbon, Rossi was ignored for so long and ran for a long time without a team, and in September, Judaeo with Al-Ittihad Kalbo in the Arab Emirates was really released from the starting team, as well as the Madocsa flag in the Groupama Arena C Dániel Böde was most saddened for his satisfaction. From retirement Gábor Király Péter Gulácsi was not the first to go to the door: Dennis Dibusz was replaced by a defender who left Wednesday in the middle of a telecon training center.

The strong picture captured the soldiers: the "core" for two doors, ultras and children's enthusiasm, was boundless, but the work on the side of the inverted audience was an extraordinary home. There were around 8,000, of course, after winning, probably more people would be on Sunday when the group will take the group.

Well, the team did a lot of time in the middle of the half time, when in the 8th minute corner for the first time in Willion Orban, for the first time in the third round, they led the team to achieve more goals in the first 45 minutes than his opponent. As expected on the domestic track against the lower ranked rival.

After interrupting the halftime, the audience first appeared in 65th minute, while Dijudas was replaced by Dominik Nagy, who was welcomed by the fans. After some time, Szalai decided on the fate of three points (similar to the Orbán striker), so he could leave the pitch in 75 minutes – surrender to the so-called Judaïsom tape.

In the end, he was still on the court of the Estonian drunk, but he did not change: he was able to win the second place in the group that won the second home match at Rossi with the success of Sunday's final round.

NL, Group C, Group 2

1. Finland 5 4 0 1 5: 1 12
2. Greece 5 3 0 2 4: 4 9
3. Hungary 5 2 1 2 7: 6 7
4. Estonia 5 0 1 4 3: 8 1


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