Mayweather: My body is not like licking like a child


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Legendary Floyd Mayweather Jr. will join the Japanese kickbox and MMA Tenshin Nasukawa on December 31st. The 41-year-old professional boxer, who is the world champion in 5 weighted groups, has been widely praised in many Americans for trying to defeat his opponents, his opponent, who fights at 122-126 kilograms, compared with 147 pounds of Mayweather, but 21 years later than Floyd, it deserves an opportunity: "We still have to agree on the weight class and the rules, but we will shorten it in the next few weeks. The training is very young, very fast and no one has invaded, so it knows what. My body is no longer in the country as it used to be."

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Promotion of Felix


@ pressurefighter0088: "You said that the younger are more than a trunk and fortune"

For me, Djudzsk Bazsi explained this to me, but maybe I heard it.

2018-11-07 00:27:34

@superman: You say that things are more like triviality and wealth, but Mayweather has some things that can be sure not just a penny. I do not think it's bored at home and it's too much.

2018-11-06 22:41:39

It's a little tricky. Maya Mayweather is soon picking up with a flame and, after all, it's not right to give such a circus. One side of my heel is that there are some who scream because they are all scared, some scream, because if I face such an event and can do it for free, I will not bother to turn my head and miss it. There are a number of legends, regi bunyos, who will not be able to tell you some interesting things, even if I.
Sperms were opened under the backside, but this can be known before, it does not disappear, it does not hurt. This is much more annoying for broken games, not the upper bunny in the dungeon, the eyeballs of the eyelashes, the doping duplicate, the dictator, etc.
Here it is possible to know that this will not be professional. I do not even want to tell you about 1-1 Vandas, where you do not have to think. I was not because I wanted to go to guns, but when I'm so serious, I'll get rid of thoughts, serious things.
Neha is so for me. I'll cover boxing at 20+, not every day, but most often. There are not many things, so Mayweather will not be happy. I do not believe that you have to seriously play in the race, you can not get fired with Mayweather, do not leave and do not fall in with someone, just because many people think that only the best 10 p4p lists will last sixty years.
You do not need to record the record and so much. Archie Moore and Jack Johnson also played matches and not the top basket. And this is not a hockey game. If I get to the record, I will be quite impressive, but I will be a full presentation with a smooth performance.

2018-11-06 21:56:58

@ pressurefighter0088: Krds will be the default person who will meet your needs. Pl Hatton is in charge of this mst r. And this is also the question that we must be very pleased with the peak of happiness.

2018-11-06 21:08:52

genius: How do you know it's not happy? Pnz is not happy, but that does not mean that you are rich or you can not be happy. There are also happy and dissatisfied children and rich. And if you are happy or do not think of anything, you will not be happy to be like you, because everyone has needs. Someone thinks about the wizard and everywhere in a quiet little village where everyone knows everything, they go to the Oscars and the like … Everything is similar to a big rosh, where there are many prgs, more people and are more enthusiastic in the crowd.

2018-11-06 19:58:41

@PeteTheGreek: What do you do with pzzzel? You will not be happy anymore. I'm not rich, but I'm so happy who it is for him or me for me?
sooner or later he was not pleased with the pnz, but he needed it.

2018-11-06 18:59:44

No more stopping the competition, but it's much smaller than the sport, nothing interesting about it.
Plains, if you're looking for millions of dollars in these games … just bend.

2018-11-06 17:36:43

@greface: "It's not that much, there are other investors, not just eye-catching, but sure it's terrible if you do not have it."
Who do you invest as much as you can with the box? Anyone who enjoys so much penny invests in the fund, but has not received wealth from its depositors. Of course it's not quite strange that I want to be better or to be in the basin, because even my nigger is, and, of course, if it's in the devil, it is. Of course, if you are in the field, you can search more, you can do it in your book.

2018-11-06 17:27:33

this is what the pnz is not happy about. there are many pennies and milligrams to find that it can be happy, even if it is healed by the body. they are looking for ways to be happy, but this does not apply to financial goods. so you should not be a pnz, but you should not have it.

2018-11-06 17:17:10

@superman: "It's just a bunch of pots because it's always the best hand you can give."

This is not so great and there are other investors, not only blind pnzt, but is convinced that it is scary serbia if it is not in the caves.

2018-11-06 16:59:16

@Phenomenal: If Kuroszawa takes as many matches as Conor married with this match 🙂

2018-11-06 16:44:48

And my body is not a mr as it is, like a child
The promotion starts with why this game is legitimate. What's wrong with you? You gonna be a legend like Mcweather MayGregor? 🙂

2018-11-06 16:34:45

"It's just a profit, everything is fine. Of course, this is a little conspiracy, but what would a man do for such a career?"
Mayweather was very concerned about his achievements and achievements, and his professional successes consistently resisted this point. This was not mixed with RJJ and many other rabbits who could not stop with the time because they scratched the pile and everything else that came with the box. Mayweather only needs big pies, so cheese is successful. There is always a lot to do with the box, because it is always the best hand you can give.

2018-11-06 14:53:46

It will be even more fun if this freak circus is made by a sports TV: /

2018-11-06 14:26:14

I do not believe that this is the reason why I do it, but they just talk to me to get it.

2018-11-06 13:39:38

I am increasingly disturbed by the fact that this man is his master, despite his circuses. Someone who goes out and works and does what they consume. Just a profit, r is fine. Of course, this is of course the only question, what would a man do for such a career?

2018-11-06 12:16:30

@leslie: This will be Remlem. The ground can do what it wants, and with everything it wants, it's a door, a bar or a champion, they just do not have an official professional official. If you pay him, pay me, do not bother me, just show me.

So is japn src official license for boxing? Can you get it from December? I do not …

2018-11-06 11:39:19

is not it serious, will it just show you mrzzs? 🙂

2018-11-06 10:52:07

@apox: To get out of the box soon
Japan is not Tarver, but maybe he does not consume either large pieces or cbc for Crawford or Spence.
We have a relic: the 10-inch and 10-inch smaller boxing box still does not beat, it's a bit worse, not to mention a boxer, but a player without professional boxing skills.
If it is possible to get a gentleman, it is much more interesting and a little more circus (but Japan is not a great spieler).

2018-11-06 10:49:55

@apox: The value is how much Floyd is running out or not. I bet I'd miss all this. You may know that a lot of money is spent on sports betting, but you know how much foam you have, this is not so much. Can you tell us how Floyd is or not? Do you know for sure?

2018-11-06 10:40:30

"There is no big deal that would not disappear once."
Floyd came to this fate.
It's time to retire without an example of a career.
I'm looking at RJJ.

2018-11-06 09:49:39
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