Tuesday , March 2 2021

Index – Home – DK offices are destroyed, Gyurcsány collects money

DK offices were completely destroyed in a by-pass on Saturday Teréz. "The roof collapsed, the walls were sloping, the equipment was burnt, DK offices were completely destroyed, and material damage was a serious injury," said DK Sándor Rónai, DK.

Ferenc Gyurcsány, the former Prime Minister, the president of the DK on Facebook, came up with the following signs on Sunday morning: # more time # continuation.

Gyurcsany wrote that many people are looking for DK for fire.

We will not be able to pick up phones and read emails, messages, where we ask you how to help us know where to contact us.

President DK wrote: "First of all, I thank you for thinking about us, it feels good right now. It's no secret that the center of the DK is completely destroyed in fire, so any help is important."

Gyurcsány also publishes an account number, which anyone can refer to. "It was not long before the fire shock, it feels well that we are not in trouble ourselves either."

In the meantime, the MSME said on its Facebook page that the party had expressed "the affection of the entire DK political community for the terrible losses of the party.

Objects can be destroyed in fire, but we can not destroy our common affair, the desire to restore a democratic, fearless Hungary.

Zsolt Molnár, chairman of the party in Budapest, added on the Facebook side of the organization of the capital, that "if necessary, our offices are open to them!"

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