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Even flies could be heard in stadiums inhabited during the coronavirus era, so outbursts of anger, sometimes less tolerant of printing ink, could also be heard in the heat of the game. As in the first match of the Champions League final Barcelona-Paris Saint-Germain at Camp Nou, where French 4He was beaten until 1 better days he saw the Catalans.

Since the Messiah did not tolerate humiliation – not the first in two years, let us think only of the suffering suffered by Rome and Juventus.For jackets 0, 0 against Liverpool4 or 2-8 against Bayern Munich – the set fell here and there, as already reported by the world press. For example, a team captain Gerard Piqué and the French Battle of Barca, Antoine Griezmann purparlé, which occurred during. They are here:

Pique: “Long damn possession, damn it!”

Griezmann: “Slow down, stop yelling, mom’s shell …”

Pique: “No, Mom’s shell you, we suffer and run like crazy …”

In Hungarian:

Pique: “Let’s try to keep that bouncing ball, b … meg!”

Griezmann: “Don’t worry, don’t cry, your mom …!”

Pique: “No, your mother …! We just suffer and run like crazy …”

But something else happened in this match. After Sergino Gianni Dest broke Kylian Mbappe, the superstar, who scored three goals in the match, spoke to the Americans: “Don’t touch me!” So, in Spanish. What he does: “Don’t touch me! “ Jordi Alba came to the aid of the young right-back: “He asked you for forgiveness. You are magnified. You are magnified. “ Say: “He apologized to you! You’re great, you’re great! « Mbappé immediately responded to Jordi Alba’s words: “I’m killing you on the street …” That is: “I’ll kill you on the street!” Well, Piqué has already intervened: “Who are you going to kill? Who are you going to kill? “ In Hungarian: “Who are you going to kill? Who are you going to kill? “

Best of all, Mbappé is French (his father is Cameroonian, his mother is of Algerian descent), he has never played Spanish in his life. Dest is American, but was born in the Netherlands as the son of a Dutch mother and an American father. Griezmann is also French, German by his father’s branch and Portuguese by his mother, and the fact is that in his youth he played football at Real Sociedad, now Barcelona. Mbappé and Griezmann were also sworn in in Spanish, and the latter was even discovered in La Plata (Argentine and Uruguayan), as “Your mother’s shell” turn is used in South America.

It is possible that the Spaniards exchanged English for a sport in football French languageme? Has Spanish become a language that can be understood in all European stadiums (good, good, not all European …)? Maybe almost every serious footballer today, at least in the top leagues, speaks a few words in the language of Cervantés?

I think that if you only know Spanish, it will no longer be possible to sell you in international football, “says the Montenegrin. Predrag Mijatovići, a former Valencia and Real Madrid striker who scored the only goal in the 1998 BL final. “It was much harder in my time. When I arrived in Spain, I didn’t know the stinky word in Spanish. But nowadays, everyone knows at least a few words because they watched Spanish or South American film series, watched La Liga matches, and learned the words.

Dmitry Zelenov, a spokesman for the Russian Premier League, joins Mijatovic:

Discussion at Russian league matches takes place in three languages. Of course in Russian, then in English and increasingly in Spanish. The latter is understood by almost everyone because the troops are full of Brazilians, other South Americans, Portuguese, Spaniards, Italians who also understand Spanish. And Spanish is also passed on to their peers. Ten years ago, CSKA had fifteen players whose mother tongue was Spanish! Plus Valery Karpin, who spent years in the League. Spanish screws fly in training: vamos, corre, pasa! (Come on, run, pass!) The football language in our country, Russia, starts in Spanish.

Thus, the Spaniards caught Englishmen like Esperanto in football.

I trained in New Delhi at the same time, he says Miguel Angel Portugalwho worked in India from 2017-2018. “Believe it or not, Indian players have asked me to teach them the most important Spanish words that appear in football. As if knowing Spanish was part of the illusion that they are real footballers!

Mijatović sheds light on this issue from a different perspective:

I studied Russian in primary school and to some extent also understood Italian because we were able to catch Italian television in Montenegro. My mother tongue, Serbian, is a very difficult language, after which Spanish and Italian seemed easy to me. When I came to Valencia, I was already speaking Spanish three months later and I didn’t care to speak terribly wrong, but I knew I had grown tremendously in the eyes of the fans. I learned English only with judges and opponents as far as I could understand.

Referees of international matches must know English. But finally Porto Juventus In the eighth finals of the BL, Portuguese Juve striker Cristiano Ronaldo addressed Spanish referee Del Cerro Grande in Spanish, quite logically, as the five-time golden ball was a Real Madrid footballer for many years.

In Russia, each player’s contract includes learning Russian, Zelenov continues. “I don’t think they can show five legions speaking Russian.”

This is as obvious as Lionel Messi’s contract, which includes a condition: the Messiah must learn Catalan. While the dog doesn’t check to see if that happened either.

It’s about money somewhere. In the 1990s, Italian clubs were the richest, they all longed for Italy, so the stars learned Italian. Since the 2000s, the Premier League has become the highest paid league, with the English ousting Italy. And Spanish? Well, among the best players in the world, there are more and more native Spanish speakers or those who have been playing in La Liga for years. It also doesn’t matter that the Spanish national team won the European Championships in 2008 and 2012 and the World Cup in 2010. That’s why Spanish is becoming increasingly popular.

And let’s not forget that there’s something “cool” about being able to send my opponent in my mother tongue to my good mother … in the heat of the match …

(Cover image: Kylian Mbappe (PSG) celebrates after scoring his team’s first goal for FC BarcelonaParis Saint-Germain in the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League on 16 February 2021. Photo: David Ramos / Getty Images Hungary)

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