Ibrahimovic is just ready to stay on the Galaxy


Zlatan Ibrahimovic tells you that you give up a regular deal from the Los Angeles Galaxy football battalion.

The 37-year first season in the 27-man championship saw 22 glt and 10 votes, but Galaxy saw the league as the best shooter with SVD. Ibrahimovic said that he had some things he needed – How do you say the club is against it – but there are only "things once". But exactly what these criteria did not come up with.

In 27 games, 22 gl, not bad debtsForrs: AFP / 2018 Getty Images / Katharine Lotze

"I am positive and positive," he said in a club statement, which he said Milan AC Milan clubs were assigned to him.

Ibrahimovic said: "You have an agreement on the United States that you want to encourage. Ktdm is for Galaxy, a club junk. If I belong to a club, I devote all my attention, here I am " he said.

After the league, Svd earned $ 1.5 billion ($ 420 million) this season, and in order to get more money, the club must be on the list of the top three football players. Chris Klein, the oldest galaxy, said that initial predictions were like the SVD.


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