Football deserts left the Northeast Kunté even more honest than anybody else thought


It is rare that the fact-finding series from the human world reveals to the world how honest it is. But this happened to N 'Golu Kanté, Chelsea and the French defensive midfielder.

The recent leak of the secretive documents of Football Leaks, a blog published by Wikileaks, and the recent espionage of German Spiegel already scandalous scandals. For example, it was reported that FIFA President Infanta was the head of UEFA during the time of UEFA, how he covered PSG and Manchester City, who grossly violated the rules of a financial fair game and how the richest European top clubs swear to their super league.

For now, there is only one player that has proven to be normal, although no one sees it. Spiegel's private correspondence revealed that when the London Club had concluded an agreement from Leicester in Chelsea, he offered to him and his agent to transfer or part of his salary to an offshore account, and an account was created on the island of Jersey.

However, Kanté did not demand a trick for tax evasion and insisted on receiving a normally paid salary. This is exactly what Kanté's agent complained in a letter to Chelsea:

"Golo is completely inflexible, he wants everything in the normal way, he has read a lot about testing players' and fears to tax, so that they can be heard. There is not even the slightest risk"

And although it is not an inexplicable moral act to refute an obvious economic offense, the experience of football experts has so far indicated that many of Kant's colleagues may not think so.

It is no coincidence that in 2018 the most popular fidide is about this.





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