Female basket Ek: Alba is free; won Szolnok and Falco


Alba Fehérvár, who has already promoted, won 21 points in the fifth round of the men's basketball competition in Europe over the Bulgarian sportsman Rilski. Szolnok's oil has 13 points, 87-74, but has also moved to the Italian team Sassari. Szombathely was hosted by Leicester Riders, who had already been eliminated.

Alba Fehérvár remains flawless in the European Cups (Photo: Attila Török)


The team's coach, Dzunics Braniszlava, played in Bulgaria with Bulgaria a 100% stake for a bet without a bet, as Rilski had no chance to continue in the second round of the 16th round.

At the end of October, the Belarusian team moved to the Soviet Union at 84-80 on the home side and although it was one-way after the first quarter of the match, it did not leave any doubt about the winner.

The most successful player at the match was the US Defender of the White House, Allerik Freeman had 27 points.


Head coach Dragan Aleksz gave 100% to Italians with a 3/1 ratio, which means both teams have secured their place in 16 teams in the second group.

The oil had two points and half an hour before the end of the season, while seven points remained in Sardinia, but only the hosts took the basket and won 98-94.

On Wednesday, the team turned heads with the head of the team, and the Hungarian then stepped in and did not leave the rival back. The best Hungary was Dávid Vojvoda 23 points.


Gasper Okorna's head coach was still on the 1/3 scale with unreliable English, so both teams were down to the 16th group.

In October, Falco won his only victory over the competitor and made it difficult for the squad to do so in the British visa regime of Belarus Aliakszandar Pustahar, so he could not enter the island. On Wednesday, Hungarians did not want to go on a big break, after which the Hungarian team took over and managed to win a self-confident game.

The most successful player in Szombathely Stefan Balmazovic was 28 points.

F-GROUP, 5th round

RILSZKI SZPORTISZT (Bulgarian) -ALBA FEHÉRVÁR 83-104 (18-17, 24-34, 20-27, 21-26)
Szamokov. led: Krug (Russian), Kaludjerovics (Montenegrin), Stasiev (Moldova)
RILSZKI: Harris 3, Marinov 13/3, Georgiev 6, Jenkins 11, Gugino 16/3. Trade: Bozov 2, Edwards 6, Hadjiruszev 5/3, Marincseski 8, Vasov 13/3. coach: Ljudmil Hadzsiszotirov
ALBA: Cartwright 13, Freeman 27/12, Filipovit 10/3, Lóránt 20, Heath 12/3. Trade: Bullock 7/3, Keller I., Boykins 15/9, Toth P., Varga M. coach: Dzunics Braniszlav
Development of results. 6 minutes: 16-2. Pp 18-19. Pp 20-27. Pp 28-32. Pp 34-46. Pp 50-69. Pp 60-76. Pp. 73-85. Pp 73-92
Dzunics Braniszlav: –
I think that we ended the Bulgarian tour with a nice victory. We have earned, the times for the match, when the boys played very well, this is the most important thing. At first, we got stuck, but we quickly returned to the game. We have always worked hard and we managed to achieve self-confident success.

1. ALBA 5 5
441-402 10
2. Varese 4 3 1 342-295 7
3. Porto 4 1 3 325-333 5
4. Rilsk 5 5 379-457 5

group H
OIL OLJ KK-DINAMO SASSARI (Italian) 87-74 (23-22, 16-15, 25-15, 23-22)
Szolnok, 1227 viewers. led: Yalman (Turkish), Karakacunis (Greek), Jurcevic (Croatian)
Szolnok: VOJVODA 23/9, Kovács P. 2, BENKE 9, MILOŠEVIĆA 16, Tóth Á. 8. Trade: AIRINGTON 7, Rowsey 4, ANDRIC 13, Murphy 5, Csák. coach: Dragan Alekszich
SASSARI: SMITH 16/3, BAMFORTH 15/3, Petteway 12/6, Polonara 5/3, COOLEY 15. Trade: Thomas 7/3, Devecchi, Spissu, Diop 1, Gentile 2, Thin, Pierre 1. coach: Vincenzo Esposito
Development of results. 3 minutes in the game, 9-5. Pp 17-12. Str. 22-20. Pp 30-27. Pp 37-29. Str. 39-35. Str. 53-43. Str. 61-49. Pp. 73-57. Pp 80-72
Kipontozódott: Andrić (p. 34), Colley (page 39)
Posted by: Thomas (page 23)
Dragan Alekszich: –
It is positive that we won every quarter against a good Italian team. Our success is primarily the result of our good defense. This game was a great experience, we hope that we will have a lot of this.
Vincenzo Esposito: – In the first half of the year we controlled the game, but in the course of the crash we crashed and we were dealing with the judges. It should be noted that basketball is the team that plays it, and we need to focus more on defense.

LEICESTER RIDERS (English) -FALCO-VULCANO ENERGY KC SZOMBATHELY 84-95 (31-27, 24-22, 13-22, 16-24)
Leicester. V: Somalia (Greek), Vecerskis (Lithuanian), Esteve Malmierca (Andorra)
LEICESTER: Washington 7/6, Douse 4, Anderson 6/6, Holder 19/9, Larsson 5. Trade: Burnett 13, Thomson 10/3, Lascelles, Martin 18, Wright
coach: Rob Paternostro
FALCO: Curry 20/6, Norfleet 11/3, Váradi B. 14/6, Balmazovics 28/18, Reddic 14. Trade: Tóth N. 6, Judge 2, Kuchora
coach: Gasper Okorn
Kipontozódott: Reddic (page 36), Judge (page 39)
Development of results. 2-5. Pp. 11-8. Pp 11-12. Pp 16-12. Str. 24-25. Str. 29-25. Pp 42-33. Pp 46-47. Str. 55-49. Str. 56-57. Pp 64-59. Str. 66-69. Pp 71-86


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