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Esport 1 – All in one place!


At the moment, everything is in place to make this business successful.

Activision Blizzard has been on the court for several months, and the company has been on the brink of losing its share in the last few months. This reduction already allows some larger companies to make a serious investment decision in a poorly dying ship, but Disney is the company that can do this, and Nick Licouris, co-founder of Gerber Kawasaki Inc. do it.

Surprisingly, in recent years, Disney has increasingly emphasized the video game industry, as it relates to the Riot Games, which developed the League of Legends, but for some time they played footage on Disney XD and Star Wars All Star Wars games are in Disney's hands.

Activision Blizzard would definitely benefit from such a business, as it would collect brutally large capital and increase the influence of Blizzard's e-sports games on the other. The most serious argument is that Activision Blizzard has been working for some time to want to record various games. Jeff Kaplan, for example, would like to see a movie or Overwatch series, but this is just one of many and many would probably be happy with the Diablo series too.

Recording video games is likely to play a bigger role in the coming years, remembering only Warcraft 2016, which estimated that the studio would cost about $ 15 to $ 30 million, but some sources said it sold $ 400 million for its performances. Although the film was largely dissatisfied with the audience, it can not be said that the lack of demand has resulted in failure. Luckily, Netflix also works on a big project, the Witcher series is coming soon, and recently we got our first trailer.

If Disney decided to work with the giant for the development of games, this could have had a major impact on the video game market over time, but based on their experience with EA Games, we could talk about a positive direction because Disney likes playing really good games. cow.

The rumors show that Activision Blizzard continues to run multiple games at once, and of course, although the decline is not a service, it is of course that with the advent of Disney, more players can tell what they should do.

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