Erdogan published an article in the Washington Post on the murder of the author of the article


When I sat in Orban's and Erdogan's joint press conference, shortly after the scandal of the disappearance of the Saudi journalist, a sentence struck my ear. My remarks – and the interpreter – said Erdogan said something that Hasogdis's assassination at Istanbul's Consulate in Istanbul was also a major scandal because he was a recognized journalist who did not write anywhere in Washington Post. Of course, even Erdogan had crushed Turkey's press freedom much more roughly than his Hungarian colleague and made robbing the imprisonment of media workers, but the more I was surprised that after a tragedy there was a good word about a newspaper that obviously had much criticized him. I can not imagine this from Orbán.

Photo: Júlia Halász

It is even more spectacular that the Turkish President has now sent an article to the Washington Post. Of course it can be enveloped that the board will receive a lot of criticism for giving a free hand to a tyrant, who may be a champion of truth.

In the article itself, Erdogan first demands that the Saudis carry on the investigation, seriously investigate, stop the time and answer the remaining questions: Who ordered the murder? And where is the dead body of Hasogdis?

The Turkish president finds outrageous that such a murder could have occurred in the territory of a NATO member state. Interestingly

concludes at the same time that the murder was clearly ordered from the highest circles of the Saudi government and claims that King Szalman could not know,

that is, it can not be regarded as an official "position". Erdogan concludes from this that there is no conflict between the two countries, and even maintaining a fruitful good relationship. However, he still considers it important to see the "puppeteers" moving the fibers. because

"The murder of Jamal Hasogdis is far more than the Saudi security forces, as the Watergate scandal was more than a burglary, and the attacks of the 9/11 terrorist attacks are even more fatal than the hijackers."

There are good hints at the end of this article: the Watergate scandal has been blown by the Washington Post, but what about the terrorist attacks on September 11?




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