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El: Andorian champion managed to score against Astana


Astana did not have FC Santa Coloma, the Andorra champion fought against 0-0 against the Kazakh team on the home side in the qualifiers for the European Football League. Armenian champion Ararat-Armenia brought home with two advantages, Northfield champion Linfield fought in the draw, while the Luxembourg Dudelange and Lithuanian Suduva won five goals.

Adel Bettaieb ride (Dudelange), sadness behind the goalkeeper (Photo:


As we reported it is FC Santa Coloma-Astana The winner of the match will qualify for the qualification match Ferencváros-Valletta BL in the third round qualifier El.

Northern Macedonia Shkendije Agim Ibraimi took the lead 7 minutes into the game Dudelange and the other half turned. Adel Bettaieb leveled the score after 64 minutes to make it 1 – 2, as Bekim Redjepi elegantly received a long range pass through the middle, finishing off with a half-volley shot into the back of the goal, putting the visitors up 4 – 4. The scorer was Danel Sinani.


HB Torshavn-Linfield 88 minutes into the match, the referee signaled for a Faroese substitution. Adam Farkas and is led by his team.

European League
Ararat, Armenia
(Armenian) –Lincoln Red Imps (Gibraltar) 2-0
HB Tórshavn (Ferščina) –FC Linfield (NI) 2-2
Shkendije (Északmacedón) –F91 Dudelange (Luxembourg) 1-2
FC Santa Coloma (Andore) –Astana FK (Kazakhstan) 0-0
SP Tre Penne (San Marino) –Judge at Mariamampole (Lithuania) 0-5

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