Monday , January 18 2021

Contents – Domestic – The mask, developed in Hungary, is already in production

Production of new viral masks developed in Hungary began in Sopron and Mosonmagyaróvár. The owners of KC Struktur Kft., Investor Boglárka Csősz, design engineer Botond Csősz and mechanical engineer Miklós Kállai want to keep production in Hungary to support the domestic labor market, and have also offered masks for social benefits for social responsibility,

We previously reported that a mask filter developed by Hungary protects the user from viruses and bacteria that fly in the air for 24 hours in a viral environment, eliminating even the smallest particles of 99.98%.

Thanks to the filter, the KC mask can also be used safely in a viral environment, whether in hospitals, at home for patient care or while traveling indoors, in crowds. The filters, which cost a few hundred forints, provide protection in a hospital environment for 24 hours and can be easily replaced. In addition, this mask is 40 percent easier to access air than the disposable FFP3 mask. In their current communication, they write:

the mask is made of skin-friendly materials and is easy to disinfect. It is available in several colors and two sizes, so it can be used comfortably and safely by both men and women and young users. In developing the mask, KC Struktur Kft. It has targeted mainly those working in health and vulnerable areas, but the population is also increasingly interested in masks to protect family members.

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