Tuesday , March 2 2021

Congratulations to Kohászu with victory. | Dunaújváros Online

After eight home-banged home defeats a week ago at 12 am at the Spanish Super Amara Bera Bera, Kohász's Handball Academy Dunaújváros stepped into the third qualifying round of the EHF Cup. The position of our men was not easy because Kluibar Katrin, who was wounded in the fight against MK against Siófoku, could not stay with the team in Spain, but the head coach László György hoped that he would beat the opponent in the second match of the match.
There was no longer a serious complaint to get started, as he was struggling to cope with a collision with Claudius, who was able to reach his goal from the goal and was guilty of a concession penalty. However, we made three technical errors one after the other, which was done by Bera Bera (2-1) with two quick targets. Szekerzés was interrupted by a goal that was our goal, but after Tomašević's defense moved in a short period of time, in the 14th minute we had two more in our team (2-4) .

This time Kohasz's defense worked well!

In addition to extremely violent defensive shunts, it was not so easy to enter. In addition, the home team found the gap on the Dunaújváros wall, so the result of the 20 minutes again showed the result again (6-6). Even more complicated is the position of our men that in the series three shows were followed by a single, then a double inconvenience, so the hosts unfortunately took over the lead, and although the Spanish champion could not continue training, the opponent could retire at the last minute in the last seconds fighter Dunaújváros Z 11-10 advantages before the break.

After the end of the quarter, the Spaniards were somewhat narrower and two defeated Kohas attacks were punished, and three of the men were three of our men (13-10). However, László György's pupils did not crash, Kazai and Groš made a wonderful step, and a rival (14-14) made KAZi's new goal in the 39th minute. From that moment on, the host got twice as much advantage, but after 16-14 Syria, Grosch and Szalai drove home without a response, so in 43 minutes our men again won (16-17).

Winning Luce (with a ball) has won eight goals from victory! (Pictures: DO-archive)

Kohas, who used three goals, but Szalai and Ferenczy managed to open it in the best possible time, so the last ten minutes were cut off from the side (19-19). György László sent Orsi to Monora, who returned after eight months, but this time it was not the same, but two scouts from both bombers took over the team, and in 57th minute again approached DKKA (20-22). However, in six matches, the week was a blow to our team and the hosts scored two empty goal goals, but there was no response to the WSOP's eighth goal, so DKKA eventually won, but the Spanish champions continued to qualify for the third EHF Cup qualification round (22-23).

Super Amara Bera Bera – DKKA 22-23 (11-10)

DKKA: Tomasevics – Kazai 3, Ferenczy 2, Cifra, Nick, Training 8, Grosch 2. exchange: Csapó (goalkeeper), Szalai 3, Sirián 5, Bouti, Dombi, Molnár, Monori. Main coach: László György.

Further: Super Amara Bera Bera, with a total of 48-41.

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