A multicégy from Hungary was built


Membership in the Tungsram Group ended with 23 subsidiaries operating in 22 countries.

The announcement notes that General Electric (GE) Lighting announced in February that it will sell its European, Middle Eastern, African and Turkish companies and the global automotive lighting sector to Tunsgram, led by former head of GE Jörg Bauer.

As the first step in the sale, on April 3, Tungsram Group acquired Tungsram Operations Ltd., including GE units in Hungary, together with assets and contracts.

After the takeover of Hungarian units, international units joined several phases, setting up a new subsidiary in most countries.

Jörg Bauer
Photo: Móricz-Sabján Simon / VG

In the Tungsram statement, it now sells products and public lighting anywhere in the world outside of North America and sells light cars all over the world.

The company revealed automotive lighting at Aapex in Las Vegas in early November, the company said.

Jörg Bauer, President and CEO of the Tungsram Group, said in a statement

The Tungsram Group was established as a truly multinational center in Hungary, which markets its sales network in more than 100 international markets and becomes a major global lighting company and in other areas.

At a press conference in April, the Group's management board announced that it is building a global company based on the Hungarian lighting base by strengthening the Tunsgram brand and developing new products.

It is planned that the revenue generated by the Tungsram Group will generate revenue of $ 90 billion this year,

which is equal to the revenue of units received last year, focus on the organization of the organization, especially in the area of ​​marketing, sales and innovation.


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