Monday , January 18 2021

A completely new car brand was presented by a well-known manufacturer, revolutionary in the form of the first model

Hyundai has unveiled the first images of the Ioniq 5. It is marketed as a stand-alone brand.

Hyundai prepares world premiere of Ioniq 5 online in February, sales are expected to start in late yearSource: Hyundai

The first type of Ioniq sub-brand, which specializes in all-electric vehicles, will also be the first Hyundai to use the E-GMP architecture, a global modular platform specifically developed by the Korean manufacturer for battery electric vehicles (BEV).

The experimental design of the Ioniq 5 features unique elements such as spot-inspired lamps, beveled panels or a full-width cover that closes on the wheel drum. The latter gives electric cars minimal installation gaps, as well as a clean, modern look. The aerodynamically optimized wheels also bring back the pixel design: with their 20-inch diameter, these are the largest wheels Hyundai has ever installed in its car.

Source: Hyundai

Four funny videos were also posted. In three “perfect camping” videos, the scout operates various electrical devices from Ioniq 5, namely the car can produce normal household mains voltage (110 / 220V, depending on the market). In each video, the motorhome roasts a turkey in an electric oven, listens to music from a high-performance hi-fi system and trains on a treadmill – all at camp.

The fourth video of the “5-minute challenge” shows the fast charging capability, which allows the car to travel more than 100 kilometers in just 5 minutes. It competes with three electronic devices – a smartphone, a laptop and a sports camera. Ioniq 5, all four devices charge for five minutes, then check which one lasts longer.

Hyundai will host the world premiere of the Ioniq 5 in February at an online event, and sales are expected to begin later this year.

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