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19 hours of sex, role play: intimate secrets of Hungarian stars

Although most Hungarian celebrities treat sex as taboo, there are those who have talked about their sex lives in recent years. The mother has previously revealed that they basically spent the whole day in bed with Ramón Kiss, Tünde Polgár has already dressed for her husband, but there are those whose longing is important, others have a lot of socializing.

Krisztián Berki in Mazsi

The head of LifeTV has spread almost every privacy hook on his social networking sites at once, and his sex life was no exception. Two years ago, he posted a picture of his lace panties thrown on the gearbox on Instagram in the summer and provided him with tips on sex. At the end of the counseling, he revealed that they had sex with Mazsi in a Bentley, with the roof down.

Source: instagram.com/berkikrisztian

And a few weeks ago, he revealed on LifeTV that he was already dealing with two women at once. “I’ve been with two women before and they both only dealt with me, they didn’t touch,” he revealed.

Guszti Bódi in Margó

Margó Bódi recently revealed that she and her husband still have a fire. “Gustav and I still love each other and have a passion between us. I’m 57 years old, he’s 60 years old, but thank God, the chemistry still works today. We don’t let the fire go out and we always put a tree on it. at 60, ”he said.

Source: Music TV

I was fifteen when we got married, so my husband is the first and only man in my life. For Lovárjane, it works the way girls will be wives at 14-15, ”he added.

Soma Mamagésa

A few years ago, Soma Mamagésa talked about her sex life in her post. “I have been living with the same man for 28 years and our best genders to date begin with a long, sensitive adjustment to each other. I’m not saying / writing that it’s not possible for both of us to just be overwhelmed by desire at the same time and we’re already fine, we’re in it, but it’s much rarer, “he wrote.

Photo: Zsófia Hámori / Life.hu

“Having sexual desire at the top at the same time after many, many years and being at the same time is a gift. (So many times the desire comes, the other is far away …) So, that’s why tuning is very important. Whether it’s a conversation, dinner, massage or meditation for those who choose the tantric path, ”he said.

Palya Bea

After the divorce, the singer fell in love again, and the new relationship came out surprisingly. “He’s not an artist at all, a scientist, but he plays the piano very well. The harmony is more because of the many loves and conversations between us,” he said late last year.

Photo: Attila Polyák – Origo

“Everything I feel and think comes from me is very interesting and exciting for him. Same love for him, I can’t be with him much, it always encourages me to be even more courageous, ”said the performer, who said that“ a woman in her forties can best be fulfilled in sexuality, in experiencing sexual pleasures from the heart and pussy. “

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