Monday , January 18 2021

Xiao Zhengnan had contacts with certified staff at the restaurant, who were listed as close contacts, tired entertainers TVB Taiqing 205 on test – Hong Kong Apple Daily

  1. Xiao Zhengnan had contacts with the certified staff at the restaurant and was listed as close contact. 205 TVB Taiqing entertainers were testedHong Kong Apple Daily
  2. Be identified as close contact! Xiao Zhengnan entered an isolation camp and was forced into solitary confinementYahoo Hong Kong News
  3. News: Restaurant staff confirmed that Xiao Zhengnan was in close contact with food programs and requested quarantineHong Kong 01
  4. [4. val epidemije]is listed as close contact! Xiao Zhengnan was forced into an isolation East Net
  5. Xiao Zhengnan’s close contacts never wore a hood and went to Taiqing to play with Chen Baixiang etc. 205 tested artists negative Situation reportPosition news
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