Three chains of fast food restaurants can invade a rubber container for awards – News – Global IC Trade starts here –


The three main fast food restaurants in the chain can take the rubber container

11/15/2015 16:25
The Eco Campaign Committee, the EPD and the Catering Industry Association have launched an event to encourage citizens to reduce the use of disposable disposable disposable plastic once they buy food.
The first phase of the campaign will be carried out in three main restaurants for fast food over a period of two months. When tomorrow tomorrow they buy three food stores, if they do not take disposable dishes, one piece will be printed and six pieces can be paid free of charge. A piece of kitchenware or hot drinks. The government will extend the practice to several restaurants, depending on the implementation of the plan.
In addition, from January next year, the main public service will prohibit the provision of plastic bottles and polystyrene mowers. When the government concludes new contracts and extends the contract, it will demand from government restaurateurs that they should not be used. Plastic tableware and examine the feasibility of controlling or prohibiting disposable plastic containers.


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