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Reggie Bullock (center) finished the game. (Photo / Associated Press / Dazhi Image)

Pistons Chief Trainer Dwane Casey came to Toronto with his brothers to face the old tyrannosaurus 15. Pistons lost 19 points in the first three quarters, and in the fourth quarter they began a counterattack to the Jedi. In the last 1.2 seconds, relying on Magical Defense defender Reggie Bullock (Bracka) to the basket, he finally took the tyrant to 106: 104 and won the third victory of almost 4 games.

Pistons remained 11 points in the first three quarters, and in the fourth quarter, with a great performance of the small striker Stanley Johns and point-keeper Reggie Jackson, they scored an attack of 15: 3 and reached 3 points. Progression.

But then Tyrannosaurus also showed the power of eastern hegemony, which relied on Kyle Lowry and Kawhi Leonard for two consecutive offensives, which scored 104: 104, and also attacked the opponent's offense and got a 10 second chance.

But I did not expect Leonard to slip the ball closer to the bottom line after suspension, but the ball fired and left Pistons in the last 2 seconds of the attack. After Casey and the coaching team struck tactics, the first waves of Pistons were destroyed, the other was confused, Jose Calderon sent the ball and the latter reached the ball in the basket before the time came. Pistons reached 2 points. The difference is interesting to win.

Pistons star power forward Blake Griffin made 11 out of 22 shots, scored 30 points and scored 12 rebounds. Center Drummond scored a small percentage in today's double team, only 5 out of 15 goals, scored 11 points, but also won 14 rebounds, and at critical moments he also sent a resounding attack.

Tyrannosaurus Lord Leonard is still effective, reaching 26 points on 10 of 18 goals, but he was defeated and the team destroyed the win.


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